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Remote working

A large proportion of companies will have begun the process of working from home this week. As part of the process of preparing for remote working, it is important to have clear processes in place to ensure productivity, communication, collaboration…

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Hand Washing, Covid-19, Guidelines

COVID-19: Company Announcement

Following the global outbreak of the disease COVID-19 (caused by a new type of Coronavirus), Kingsbridge have engaged with a range of insurers in order to obtain clarification as to whether commercial insurance policies will respond to losses that may…

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Brexit Schmexit Eu Flag Westminster

Brexit Schmexit

At the time of writing, the United Kingdom are poised to depart the European Union (Brexit) on 31st January 2020, marking the end of a 47 year relationship between the two trading bodies. With the UK currently positioned as the…

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Risk Management Services

Autumn Statement 2016 – The Kingsbridge Reaction

Despite all the political, social, and economic doom and gloom that wrapped around 2016 like a suffocating vine, Britain's self-employed continued to rage against the dying of the light. Damian Hinds, the current Employment Minister, recently hailed "the resilience of…

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