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Kingsbridge understands that it’s the people within your business that drives it forward, therefore an insurance policy is needed in order to safeguard the most important asset.  We have been able to develop a bespoke offering that again has the ability to be tailored around each businesses unique requirements.  Not only do we provide this cover direct to businesses, we are also able to provide package benefit solutions to the following:

  • Payroll/Umbrella Companies – Providing extended protection for the Contractors that they are working with by offering Personal Accident Insurance
  • Trade Associations – Personal Accident Insurance can  be offered as an additional benefits to their members

Working with A rated Insurers we are able to provide a solution that provides an extra layer of protection and support in the event of an accident happening to a member of staff. The policy can provide indemnity in the form of a weekly sum payable in respect of incapacity following an occupational accident. Lump sum benefits are also available for serious injury / death which occur as a result of occupational accidents and provide cover in the following incidents:

The following Benefits can also be provided per Insured Person:

  • Accident Medical Expenses
  • Coma Benefit
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Jury Service up to £600
  • Counselling & Support Services
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